Introducing Paul Kalkbrenner

Ach Paule.
Born in Leipzig Germany, but grew up in pre- and post-wall-fall Berlin, in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district of the east, an area well known for it’s subcultures, art, fashion, and nightlife. In Europe, he is a shining and reliable beacon of hope in a genre becoming more famous for it’s Guetta’s and Avicii’s. Indeed, never before has a Minimal/Tech-House/Deep-House DJ received this much acclaim  In his home country of Germany, Kalkbrenner made waves with his album “Self” released in 2004. Much of the 90s were his hustle in the new German (see: Berlin) electronic scene being a regular DJ at the famous, dark, post-communism scenes at clubs like Tresor and E-Werk, deep within Krezberg’s cultural center. Joining BPitch Control (Berlin’s darling Ellen Allien’s label, you may have heard of a certain Apparat now being that labels hottest thing.) launched his success with “Self.”

Four years later, filled with more superb singles and phenomenal remixes, Paul Kalkbrenner would not only create the soundtrack but also act in what is arguable one of the top German films not just in this century, but in history, Berlin Calling. A film about a DJ who suffers a mental, drug endued breakdown hours before his album release. I hate spoilers, and despise trailers even more so I shall stop talking about there, and urge you to watch it for yourself.
The “Berlin Calling” album would launch his success all over Europe  It was an album meant to capture the essence of new Germany  new Berlin  The hustle and bustle of a city fighting against animosity  experiencing daily change, and a mixing bowl of all kinds of cultures, sights, atmosphere’s and sounds, along with the typical big European metropolitan repetitious city essence, tied in with typical German, essentially Berliner house music.
The album was a sleeper hit, not charting high, but, eventually one of the most well known albums in the months following CD and Movie release. Paul was no longer playing small clubs. Stadiums were to be filled!

“Icke Wider” (“Me Again” phonetically typed in the berlin accent) was released Wieder was released last year, an album with a sense of experimentation, but a very big laid back vibe as well.

However, the delay between one album to the next would be short this time, with his next album to be released this Saturday in Germany, Monday everywhere else. “Guten Tag” is upon us. (“Good day” or “hello” or “have a good day.”) Judging from the released single already, live recordings of two other tracks played by Kalkbrenner, and an album preview, it would appear release day is bound to be one. The album appears to return to his basics, his original, recognizable sound. Thumping bass drums, playful synths, perfect progression, and a ton of tracks that completely catch you off guard at how unique they are.
I’ll be sure to review that album next week, but today, i’ll share with you a couple Paul Kalkbrenner favourites, to entice you to be just as excited as I am for release day.

“Sky And Sand” (From Berlin Calling [2008]) [SPOILER ALERT: the music video is clips from the movie.]

Here is the Album Stream for Berlin Calling. Every song is phenomenal, but if pushed, I would reccomend tracks #1, #2, #3, (#4), #5, #6, #8, #11, #13,!/album/Berlin+Calling+OST+CD/3651545

Here is the Album Stream for Icke Wider. I’d reccomend #2, #5, #8, #9 & #10!/album/Icke+Wieder/6300659

2raumwohnung – “Wir Werden Sehen” (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)

Moby – “Wait For Me” (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix

Dockyard (off of “Self” [2004])

“Press On” (off of “Self” [2004])

– Nick

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