Teen Suicide is on the rise

The band, I mean. Maybe the act of teen suicide too, but I’m talking about the proper noun version: Maryland band Teen Suicide, who just released their third album I Will Be My Own Hell Because There is a Devil Inside My Body. Along with DC Snuff Film and the kinda-sorta-unreleased Waste Yrself, Teen Suicide has become one of the more consistently prolific and enjoyable bands of 2012 (and that doesn’t even factor in the numerous EPs, singles, and demos the band is constantly dropping on their tumblr). Led by songwriter Sam Ray, Teen Suicide has evolved from a one man lo-fi doo-wop/garage band to a two-piece punk act to an uncategorizeable amalgamation of band members and styles, ranging from early 90s Olympia lo-fi noise to delicate piano-driven ballads in the style of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Their output this year has been among my favorite musical events of 2012, and following the announcement of a vinyl release of their newest record, Sam joined me on Skype from the hurricane damaged east coast to discuss his music and perform a few songs, which you can stream below. You can also download all their records for free on their bandcamp.



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