Flume – “Flume”

After a long, excruciating wait, the Flume album is here. It’s out. It’s available. And my goodness, it is fantastic! The hype is real, and oh so worth it. In Harley Streten’s native Australia  the album comes as a perfect addition to anyone’s summer, along with the ton of sublime remixes released in it’s anticipation. That being said, there is no reason it can’t be enjoyed just as much in our fast approaching winter. Indeed, “Sleepless” could lull anyone into a warmth, as could “Ezra” and the aptly named “Warm Thoughts.” The eponymous album travels across a variety of musical genres and regions, ranging from hip-hop (“On Top”) to indietronica (“Insane”), passing over garage, grime and other sounds flume experimented with throughout the album. He really shows his talent in every track, with no one song sounding like the other. There are brilliant examples of vocal talent, like that of Chet Faker in “Left Alone” or George Maple in “Bring You Down.” In other examples, if they aren’t singing, Flume certainly plays with the samples in such a beautiful way that it almost sounds natural. (“Sintra”) There is a certain R&B/Hip-Hop feel for many of the beats, but not all. In fact  “More Than You Thought” has such a ferocious throbbing bass that shudders it’s way into your brain. The album is a celebration of a very forward thinking sound, where the music really does transcends most other music one comes across  with such a unique taste that has certainly allowed flume to smash his way into attention, and giving him a great platform to break off of for future releases. Easily one of the best albums of the year.

– Nick

The Entire Album is available for streaming on Grooveshark. http://grooveshark.com/album/Flume/7027013



“Left Alone ft. Chet Faker” 

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