Soular Order – IV

It’s hard to try and create music similar to Burial’s Garage/2-Step/Dubstep fusion without being labeled a ruthless copy cat. Indeed, it’s Burial’s reclusive-ness, disconnect from media, and whole story behind it all that makes his music so genius and beautiful.
But, to say that it is ruled out, impossible and wrong is incorrect.
In fact, Manchester England native Soular Order with his EP simply titled (numbered) “IV” has absolutely created something so good and so fitting for the oncoming cold weather, it is worth every second of your time to listen to it, and chances are you will want to listen to it often. It’s bass heavy, it’s ambient, it has a stuttering drum progression, and has distant, muffled, hazy vocal samples that could both chill and warm you to your core. Soular Order certainly has a unique sound here setting him apart from Burial, quelling any questions people may have. The entire EP is awash in uniqueness, and it’s brilliant. In “Start Something” it lurches along in a slow way with bell-like sounds twirling about like rain. In “Before You Leave” there is more power in the synths and sounds other than the drums and bass, finishing with a very profound clip of a door closing at the end, which adds a sense of emotion to the EP. In “Everybody Makes Mistakes” one can certainly hear the very subtle dubstep influence towards the end of the track, and that mind-numbing, deep, subtle-yet-blistering bass is a perfect way Soular Order finished the EP.
These three tracks go together well, are very very very good, and definitely worth your time. Available for free download too. I for one, am interested in what Soular Order will come up with next, as three is not enough  and his talent certainly leaves a lot of room for a whole lot of experimentation one can only hope Soular Order uses in similar direction as this EP.

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