Angel Haze — Classick

Expressive 21-year-old MC Angel Haze dropped her next mixtape Classick last Thursday. The collection boasts six tracks in which Haze spits over an all-star selection of classic beats. Her rhymes here are honest and vulnerable – but Haze does it with confidence. If anything she’s borderline cocky and her raps hit hard because you can feel the emotion behind them. All the beats here are very recognizable (Lauren Hill, Jay-Z’s “Song Cry” etc.) and you get the sense that Haze is attempting to one-up the originals. More often than not she succeeds.

Haze’s storytelling paints horrifying pictures of domestic and sexual violence. At the beginning of highlight “Cleanin Out My Closet” she warns us that things are about to get personal – and they certainly do. Years of sexual abuse are described in graphic and terrifying detail. Haze gets angry as the song picks up and Eminem’s classic beat is chilling enough to perfectly compliment such heavy subject matter. Not only does Angel Haze have a lot to say, but she’s got the ability to back it up. She dances over beats in double-time flawlessly in a way that would make Big Boi smile. Check out her EP Reservation for some more solid material.

— Daniel

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