Onuinu Concert + Album Review

It was not Starfucker that caught my interest the most during their show on Monday the 22nd at the Belltower in downtown Pullman. Instead, it was the shy, humble opening act Onuinu that definitely made the biggest impression on me. Though slow at the start, Onuinu really got into their performance quickly, feeding off of the crowd which responded so well to their sound. Few people knew what to expect, I certainly didn’t, but I think it may have been that which made Onuinu’s performance that brilliant.

A perfect electro-pop album. So many try for it, some achieve it. Onuinu is one of them, and they have done so very quickly too with “Mirror Gazer”. Every track on here brings a sense of “aaaahhhh” to it as it starts to wash over you. Dorian’s voice is pristine, the guitar is slick, the sounds Jeremy produced are crisp and the ever so present synths are there to impress. One vibe I definitely got from listening to this album, was Tycho blended with Boards of Canada with (at least with most songs) a more danceable drum beat. (A notable exception would be the fantastic “Forever” song, which calms things down with a very mesmerizing essence.)

EVERY track (save the shorter intermission-style-experimental tracks) on this fantastic album will get you moving and smiling. It’s hard not to enjoy the music and just simply feel good listening to it all. The beats are fantastic, and a very impressive situation, leaving you wanting for more, as you repeat the album again for the third time or so. Definitely check this album out. It is definitely one of the best of recent times.

– Nick

“Ice Palace”

“Happy Home”

Full Album for streaming


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