P.O.S. “We Don’t Even Live Here”

DOOMTREE member and Rhymesayers MC P.O.S. dropped his latest record Monday called We Don’t Even Live Here. The Minneapolis artist has deep roots in rock and punk music heard distinctly in his production and rapping style, which is demonstrated perfectly in his new album. Joined by the talents of Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), Issac Gale, Boize Noize, and felloe DOOMTREE members Lazerbeak, Sims, and Mike Mictlan, We Don’t Even Live Here  is a masterpiece in itself. No one in the hip-hop scene brings the style and similar creativity that P.O.S does. Illustrated by the anthem “F*** Your Stuff”, a filthy Lazerbeak beat lays the foundation for P.O.S. head bobbin’ verses that dig deeper than any of his other releases. Unfortunately, he has become sick of late with a needed kidney transplant and has cancelled his album tour. We wish the best for the talented MC and look forward to his recovery so he can tour the country singing out “MY WHOLE CREW’S ON THIS S***, WE BE SCUFFING UP YOUR NIKES AND SPITTING ON YOUR WHIP”

Buy the Album here & SPREAD THIS!


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