AlunaGeorge is AwesomeGreat

Before you dismiss this duo as a Purity Ring rip-off (singing girl with stunning voice w/producer guy) realize that it’s not all bad. I seriously dig AlunaGeorge. So hard. No, you don’t understand how much I like the R&B vibe over electro-pop/future garage/post-dubstep beats. I love the crisp drums, warming bass and electrifying synths, like in “Your Drums, Your Love” that forces you to pay attention and immerse yourself in the music. I love the powerful sounds in “Just A Touch” and “You Know You Like It,” the latter showing the vocal ability of Aluna Francis, which has a perfect jazz sound over the electro-pop beats, with such confidence and power that I’m sure even Beyoncé would be impressed by. George Reid also shows his brilliant producing talent with the future-garage/post-dubstep influences in their remix’s, but especially in their own singles “It Feels So Good” & “We Are Chosen.” The list keeps on going with their stellar tracks, with Annie Mac presenting the totally-weird-but-oh-so-awesome “Watching Over You” only 2 weeks ago, and “Double Sixes” available as a free download which seems to blend where future-garage and UK House is heading together to give a fascinatingly mesmerizing track with Aluna’s brilliant voice threaded in between the music. To top it all off, the collaboration (or maybe it’s just a remix, I can’t exactly tell) between Rusite and AlunaGeorge for Rustie’s track After Light is absolute perfection as well. Take a listen to AlunaGeorge. It is really worth your time. And above all, watch these two, it seems they are only just getting started.

– Nick

AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It”

AlunaGeorge – “We Are Chosen”

Rustie – “After Light (ft. AlunaGeorge)


As an added bonus, check out Duke Dumont’s absolutely incredible remix of “Your Drums, Your Love.”


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