Very few musicians can make such an impact and such waves in a genre’s scene like Disclosure has. Their House/Future-Garage sounds really are miles (or years, rather) ahead of anyone else around right now, even in the grander electronic music scene. They seem to do this even with just taking 90s house and garage basics and applying to their intensely unique sound that is very recognizable, very noticeable like in “Boiling” & “Lividup”. Faded female vocals (or in the case of “Latch” strickingly emotionality by a mister Sam Smith) threaded between drums that are so sporadic give a whole bunch of personality, complimenting synths and bass that urge you to move your body along with the song. I challenge you to hold your head in a static position. It’s near impossible. Especially when Disclosure decides to whollop you with a bass that seems to appear out of nowhere in “Flow” or thump your eardrums in “Tenderly.” “Control” is great fun to listen to. Their remix of Jessie Ware’s “Running” is a powerful track that is oddly reminiscent of Basement Jaxx. Their attempts at UK Bass is also on-point perfect with “Street Light Chronicle” which is a deliciously seedy track. The teasing vocals of “What’s in your head” will want you yearning for more, and you’ll be rewarded with more of Disclosure’s releases, one after the other, which is brilliant considering an album is slated for release next year off of the ever stellar Greco-Roman label. Indeed “Latch” is in my opinion in a league of it’s own in terms of a perfect, eclectic blend of a variety of sounds and musical textures that stands alone amongst much of what released nowadays, with such noticeable passion by Sam Smith’s vocals that hold nothing back. Disclosure really is a celebration of UK House, Garage and Bass, coming at a perfect time when it seems these three genres are in much disarray, chaos and uncertainty. Musical refreshment at it’s best. Keep an eye on these two.

– Nick

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