Beats, Rhymes and West Coast MCs

Long time hip-hop star Murs and new west coast generation MC Fashawn team up to create one of the best albums of 2012. Murs is a member of the well know Living Legends crew from LA who have been making solid music and push of independent music for 15+ years. The central California native Fashawn brings the new era of west coast hiphop, joining Murs for the first official project between the CA duo and Fash’s latest official release since the critically acclaimed Boy Meets World, which was produced by Exile. This album is called This Generation and is produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam. In my opinion they are the most underrated and under appreciated producers in all of hip-hop. The match between their production and the lyrical experience and creativity of Murs and Fashawn create an sequence of songs from start to finish that make ya keep wanting more.



Do yourself a favor and pick up this LP asap as it will be on rotation for a long time and come and hands down one of the best creations of this year and this generation.

BUY: “This Generation” by Murs & Fashawn



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