Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams

Every once and a lonesome dream, a promising singer/songwriter crafts a unique sound. Ben Schneider has been in the indie realm for quiet some time now, releasing a batch of EP’s that found him as a rising new artist creating a mountain of buzz within the blog scene.

But with his debut album, Lonesome Dreams he fills the empty space that those EP’s had possessed and solidifies him as a heavyweight within independent music scene. This stunning debut is smothered in lush harmonies, tropical guitar riffs, airy reverb, and percussion that provides a polyrhythmic playfulness to every track. Lonesome Dreams has a sound that few singer/songwriters can re-create, it’s almost as if two styles of music are drifting together. While remaining loyal to the faithful acoustic guitar, he utilizes every relevant production tool to develop an album that separates itself from anything on the marketplace today.

Lord Huron’s debut album is a collection of songs where every track could be someone’s favorite. They all have a preexisting thread that ties every song together, making it an accessible album that can absorbed by every ear. “Time To Run” the album’s first single, opens up like a scene from an old-western movie and blurs into a strumming acoustic progression accompanied by a pulsing beat. The chorus of vocals make it the perfect anthem in an album filled with many high points. The title track “Lonesome Dreams” proves to be one of the album’s best tracks. It’s where all of Ben Schneider’s talents drift together. His vocals remain calm but sprinkled with reverb as the track unravels into an atmospheric landscape. Near the final moments, Ben Schneider lets out a Brian Wilson-esqe harmony that nearly drains the serotonin from my brain.

Lord Huron’s debut album truly is a delightful compliment to Pullman’s transition from Summer to Autumn. It’s a collection of tracks that find a segue-way between the meandering summer heat to the breezy autumn winds. While the verdict is still up on the lasting power of this album, I know that for right now, in this moment, Lonesome Dreams is the perfect way to start the day.

Release: October 9th, 2012


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