ODESZA – “Summer’s Gone”

It is autumn. The cold, blistery winds of the Pacific North West are approaching, whether on the plains or on the waterfront. It is a time where musicians take inspiration from the warmth humans desire in such frigid temperatures. Washington natives Odesza (BeachesBeaches & Catacombkid) have released an exceptional album here, aptly named “Summer’s Gone.”

This album is STUNNING. Every track on here is phenomenal and is perfection at it’s most purest. This has easily shot itself up to my #1 album of 2012. I’d like to say that Odesza took the best bits from M83, Holy Other, Burial, Four Tet and so on and combined it all together, but this album is far too incredible and way too unique to say that as a solid statement. It’s chill, subtle at times too but throughout the album every track comes as a treat and is just so damn fun to listen to.

Odesza combines the playful synths with crisp drum progressions, assisted by sporadic wistful or whimsical vocal samples on some tracks, or a growling bass that would seem to wake bears from hibernation, or maybe even rock them to sleep instead.

With this cold winter hurtling towards us, I am sure a warmth can be felt as well by the listener. Seriously, i have never heard an album like this in a long time. I’m sure you will enjoy it too, especially since the entire album is available for free.(I personally love 3,4,9,10 & 11)

Download here.


– Nick

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