New Death Grips “No Love Deep Web”

Death Grips have released their second major studio album No Love Deep Web a few weeks ahead of schedule. According to Twitter Death Grips’ label Epic/Columbia did not confirm a 2012 release date (things were also complicated by a very NSFW album cover), so the hardcore Sacramento outfit decided to put it out early, and hey it’s also free! Things will now likely get complicated for Death Grips, but regardless the music is here, and it’s loud.

Death Grips seem to be building upon the aesthetic presented in the “@DEATHGRIPZ” single released a couple weeks back. These songs are actually pretty danceable in a terrifying sort of way. MC Ride is still angry and the production is still manic and dense. Check out the first three tracks for a nice way to get the blood flowing. It might take a few listens, but this material is really unique even when considering the previous work of Death Grips.

— Daniel

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