Concert review – The Lighthouse & The Whaler


This weekend I made the daunting five hour journey home to Seattle, as apparently many of you did as well based on the number of cars on WA-26 coming back Sunday night. But unlike them, I didn’t traverse to the Westside to attend the football game. I did, however, attend a show at a new underground club in Seattle called Barboza. It’s located underneath Neumos and looks a lot like what I’d imagine a 1940’s cruise ship looks like. Which is awesome because I freaking love cruises. I’m a lazy traveler so they really work for me. ANYWAY, let’s talk about the music shall we?

The openers were Seattle band James Germain & The Grey Gray Days. I’ve seen them a few times here and there in Seattle and they put on a good show but who I really wanna talk about is The Lighthouse & The Whaler. I wasn’t very familiar with the band before the show but my friend loved them and insisted I go. From the second the first note played they were bursting with energy! Every single person (which sadly was only about 15-20 people) had their complete attention on the band, which is made up of an attractive group (we can act like that doesn’t matter, but let’s get real) who can really play and play with their whole hearts. Their jangly upbeat melodies remind me a ton of Freelance Whales. Since this is my first concert review I’ve ever done, it’s difficult for me to know how to describe the feeling I got when I saw them but I’d liken it to when I saw The Head and The Heart at the Crocodile years ago before they blew up. Like I had just witnessed something special. Something I simultaneously wanted to share with the world and also keep my secret. But that’s selfish to keep it to myself so this is my contribution to helping the world discover this amazing band. You’re welcome.

(This song’s FREE! Download it if you know what’s good for you)

– Jasmine


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