We Gon’ Ride For The Town, ‘Cuz The Town Raised Us

KZUU’s favorite Sam Lachow joined the station last week for his third interview in the last year. Last fall we chopped it up about his debut album Brand New Bike, then in the spring Brittany Ward had Sammy on for his Avenue Music EP while cracking jokes and catching some good laughs. So this time around when Sam was accompanied by Raz and Gift uh Gab for the release of his and Raz’s 5 Good Reasons EP, we knew it was going to be nothing but a blast. This was the first project between Sam &  the fellow Seattle native Raz, who has also hopped on past tracks from Sam such as “The Best Part” and “Liquor Store”. 5 Good Reasons EP shows the chemistry between the two artists as they go back and forth on verses, heavily feeding off each other. The first single from the EP and instant classic, “Nothing’s Gonna Change” produces one of the dopest choruses I’ve heard in a long time. However, the lyrics needed to be “gangster-tized” as Sam put it and brought in the homie B-Skeez to kill it. Raz and Sam bring some real insightful lyrics building off the flawless production that Lachow (and co-producer Maggie Brown) always bring.

Lachow and Raz demonstrate what making real music should look and sound like. A bunch of talented homies having a blast, making some damn good tunes and music videos that all listeners are envious of the fun they’re having haha. Check out the interview and make sure to cop 5 Good Reasons for FREE! Even though this just came out and it’s been on constant rotation, I already can’t wait for what’s droppin’ next for Sammy Huckleberry Lachow, Raz and Black Umbrella. TOWN BIZ.


Newest Video “Coyotes” from Sam Lachow & Raz


-Bryce P.


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