YUS – Favorites Remixed II

I have just recently stumbled upon YUS, also known as Youseff Kabal, and now I want other folks to know about him too! He is an electro-pop, DIY “outta the bedroom” musician from Phoenix, Arizona. He has a lot of great original work, but the most recent stuff he’s put out is a really impressive compilation of remixes of some of his favorite songs called Favorites Remixed II. It includes four tracks, all of them being equally intriguing.

In this song, YUS remixes The Do’s song “Bohemian Dances”. He adds a catchy, rhythmic drum beat and layers the song in synth. He also changes the vocal’s to be much dreamier sounding than the original giving the song a completely new feel.

This next track is a remix he did of one of Bogan Via’s songs, whom are also from Arizona. “Purple Catacomb’s” is originally a folk pop song, but YUS takes it and transforms it into something completely his own. By slowing it down a bit, giving it dreamier vocals, and a booming base with clapping noises in the background, the song becomes something quite different than what it was before.

He offers Favorites Remixed II for free on his bandcamp page here, so don’t hesitate and pick it up now!


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