Tracks We’re Diggin’: Blue Boats

There’s nothing like glossy bedroom pop to cap off the last heat wave of the year. If your looking for something to compliment the scorching 90 degree temperature, Britain’s Blue Boats serves as your best bet. This project was crafted in UK student Oliver Gale’s dorm room, but don’t be fooled, because from such a confined area he sure builds a spacious wall of sound.

His tracks are drenched in reverb, colored in synth, and effortlessly catchy. Each track has a glimpse of sunshine captured within the layers of choppy guitars and a pulsing drum-kits. “Summers Down,” is built on a echoing vocals that trail behind glossy guitar rifts, while “Sun Burns” relies on a more downbeat tempo masked with shimmering synth and gorgeous vocals. Each track brings a different flavor to the table but still reinforces the mentality that summer isn’t just a season, it’s a feeling.

Official Single Released September 24th 2012

– Brennan

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