Hip-Hop Redefining Evolutionary

Feeding off influences from Nas’s Illmatic, Common, motown music, and middle eastern Afrobeats, the Los Angeles native Toby Ganger has been creating and solidifying his own sound and style in hip-hop for many years. Orginially Toby was 1/2 of the group Inverse, in which Tunji and he put out 2 smooth releases called So Far, and So True. Still in constant rotation today in my iPod, you should definitely look into those and get a taste of some honest music. In my opinion, Inverse was the epitome of feel-good hip hop, and there wasn’t ever a time that rollin’ with the windows down in the summer with “Til’ the End (Cali)” wasn’t suitable.

Nonetheless, Toby and Tunji were working in different directions and decided to seperate onto their own solo careers a while back. Since then Toby has been grinding on the creation of his Evolutionary EP series, which I heard about way back in 2010 when he called into KZUU for his first interview. Since then the first Evolutionary EP has been released, gaining highly positive feedback and containing all live instrumentation with no samples. Staring on the EP is the cut, “Sunshine Blues” ft. Deacon the Villian of Cunninglynguists, which their relationship dates back the to early Inverse days. With the upcoming Evolutionary 2 EP coming out Oct. 10th you can’t help but get excited to see what the Cali MC drops next. A new song title “Nowhere to Run” was premiered on KZUU last week as he hopped on KZUU for the 2nd time with me to talk about the new project. Hear the new song below, and check out the interview as well.

Toby’s one of the most genuine dudes in hip-hop right now & give ’em a tune. Hip-Hop is Evolutionary.

check em’ out and cop the Evolutionary EPs at www.listentotoby.com

Play: Sunshine Blues ft. Deacon the Villian

-Bryce P.

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