The Music Tapes – Mary’s Voice

Tomorrow, September 4th, a band you may not be familiar with, The Music Tapes (Julian Koster of Neutral Milk Hotel and Robbie Cucchiaro), are releasing an album entitled Mary’s Voice and ladies and gentlemen it’s GOOD. Perhaps my affinity towards classical music and the fact that I’ve always felt that I was born in the wrong century has swayed me but this is one of the most original, moving, and interesting albums I’ve heard in a long time. The use of a swirling orchestra, antiquated recording devices and beautiful, howling vocals gives it a nostalgic, timeless feel.

Not to mention that the band plans on touring in a full on circus tent. I mean, c’mon that’s awesome. They’re calling this tour The Traveling Imaginary and they plan on providing an “evenings’ worth of music, games, stories, films, and amusements.” To achieve these goals, The Music Tapes launched a Kickstarter page to great response! Beginning with a goal of $5000, they have already raised over $13,000! They’ve yet to release dates and locations but I personally find it doubtful they’ll be in Pullman. (Fingers crossed for somewhere nearby, though!)

– Jasmine

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