Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead, It’s Just Chillin’ in Kiwi Land.

What’s good everyone?! This is former Hip-Hop Director Bryce, aka DJ Collective writing from New Zealand where I am studying abroad. It has been awesome so far & I have been having a great time. I’m writing to spread the great music of David Dallas to you all. David is a native Kiwi and been making his way up the hip-hop scene in New Zealand in the past few years, most recently with his lately acclaimed Lp, “The Rose Tint”. I had to opportunity of seeing his perform a few days during our orientation week, and it was one dope show. The combo of a real steady flow and solid production, he has paired up and rocked a couple joints with the likes of Freddie Gibbs and Buckshot. Check out the single he put called “Take A Picture” and you can cop the full Lp from itunes below and won’t be disappointed.

The Rose Tint LP itunes

I’ve been rockin’ KZUU as much as I can from abroad, and wish everyone the best. Miss you all.


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