Band of the Week: Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound’s 3rd full-length Parallax is no doubt Bradford Cox’s best work to date. It’s a swirl of indie pop with a subtle sense of mystery lingering with each track. With each listen there’s something new to discover, whether its the subdued electronic additions hiding in the background of tracks like “Modern Aquatic Nightsongs” or the way Bradford can showcase the strength of his voice in the most prominent ways, via the gorgeous “Te Amo.”

Much like Atlas Sound’s last album, Logos, Parallax shifts between the upbeat, rock-n-roll swag of heroes of the 50’s garage rock scene and electronic ambient music. The pairing results in a mind-bending ebb and flow, bi-polar in the best way. Most of the more upbeat tracks are accessible enough, while still retaining some odd experimentation. “Doldrums” is a haunting 4-minute piece that leads into the garage-rock twang of “My Angel Is Broken”. The tracks back-to-back are the most consumable and representative piece of Atlas Sound music released to date.

Though every track is truly an exciting endeavor to sink your teeth into, a personal favorite would be the album’s lead off track, “The Shakes”. This song sounds just like something off of Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest, but oddly enough sets off an uplifting tone into the rest of the album, with shifting chord progressions, atmospheric synth, as well as Bradford’s voice floating around the track’s final seconds in the most dreamy way. It shows the listener that Parallax is a record that makes us dream in a way that Bradford Cox’s other musical ventures could not.

– Adam & Brennan

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