Sam Lachow – “Brand New Bike” & Interview

Blue Scholars. Macklemore. Grynch. Common Market. Fresh Espresso. The Physics. The list going on and on…Seattle has been supplying us hip-hop heads with amazing music for as long as we can remember, and now its time to introduce you to a young artist who is making his mark on the independent rap scene and putting his name into the same sentence as the names I just mentioned.

Sam Lachow. A member of the Seattle group “Shankbone”, Sam grew in messing around with his buddies rapping and just making music for the fun of it. He has since moved to New York to pursue his solo music, while  attending  SUNY New Paltz his first year and currently is studying at City College of New York.

This past July Sam released his debut solo album titled ‘Brand New Bike’. A classic album in my mind, though there is so much depth within it to describe why it is so good. The more I listen to this album I harder I find it to compare it to others hip-hop albums. I believe that is because the quality and originality of the music on ‘Brand New Bike’ is in a league of its own. Sam produced each song from scratch with only live instrumentation and no samples were used. The incredible production was complimented by local Seattle and New York talent that Sam featured on a good portion of the album. Each instrument, vocal, kick and snare are placed perfectly and Sam’s holds his own on the mic providing us a sort of swagger that only he can produce.

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam on my show. It was honestly the highlight of my 3 years at KZUU. The level of energy, humor, and ridiculousness was blast to be a part of and meant a lot to have him on the air. Check out the recording from interview below and hear the song “Rude Pussy” from his album!

Cop “Brand New Bike” on itunes here:

Check out his website at & you can listen to BNB on his soundcloud:
Gary Payton ft Sky Blaow & B Skeez

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