Band Of The Week: Correatown

I remember when I first heard Correatown’s “Everything, All At Once”. I was a freshman in college and for many of us that means loneliness, apprehension, and confusion. In such an awkward phase in my life music played such a crucial role in escaping from those troubles. Angela Correa’s songwriting felt so honest and sincere, that playing this particular track on repeat felt like the only light at the end of the tunnel. In a roundabout way, I find myself wrapped up in recalling my freshman year through the lense of Correatown’s debut album.

Correatown’s “Pleiades” is a collection of songs that convey an arrangement of emotions. With the vocals so crisp and lyrics that seem so overwhelmingly personal, you can’t help but to fall in love with it. Angela Correa’s vocals seem to cross paths those of Camera Obscura and the likes of Azure Ray, accompanied by the bands lush instrumentation it paves the way for a very intimate experience with the listener. This isn’t just another cheesy singer/songwriter album, this one feels sincere and manages to engage the listener in a series of unexpected melodies and enchanting song structures. Tracks such as “Further”, “Everything, All At Once”, “Sunset & Echo”, and “Shine” leave rewarding melodies backed with a feeling of hope. Angela Correa’s message seems rather jaded, while her songs seem depressing they are masked with a spark of inspiration. This is what makes Correatown an obvious choice for our Band of the Week.

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