Band of the Week: Born Gold

Born Gold, the musical project of Edmonton madman Cecil Frena, released their long-awaited debut LP this week. It’s been a long wait for a full-length album from the trio, who recently changed their name from Gobble Gobble to represent this new beginning for them. The album consists largely of older songs that were re-worked with a few newer jams thrown in for good measure.

If you’re not familiar with Born Gold’s brand of hyperactive, electronic pop, it’s hard to classify. The self-proclaimed “terror pop” makers take inspiration from nearly every genre of music, from chiptune to indie pop to glitch, and blend it together to create their over-the-top songs. Each song has a grinding, bass-driven beat underneath video game samples, bright synths, and Frena’s chopped up and autotuned vocals. It’s so over-the-top that it’s impossible not to smile while listening. This is music that forces you to move your body without even thinking about it; perhaps a nod to this is in the name of the album, Bodysongs.

It’s also impossible to mention Born Gold without talking about their live show. Although they haven’t played a show in Pullman (yet?), the group tours the majority of the year and plays frequent shows all over the continent. If their recorded music can be considered “over-the-top”, there’s probably no phrase in existence that could describe their shows. You can see for yourself in the video below, which don’t even come close to showcasing the experience of seeing them live. Spoiler alert, if you do ever see them live: think flashing lights set to the music (operated by Frena himself, fairy wings and skirts, electronic instruments made out of toys, half-naked men carrying huge drums and other instruments for audience participation, and sweat – tons of sweat.

Definitely give Bodysongs a listen and spin it on your show. This is some of the best non-commercial pop music you’ll hear this year and you’d be a fool for passing them up.


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