KZUU- Hip-Hop Fall Preview

It feels great to be back at the station and hearing our Djs playing their new jams on the AIR. Overall, the summer was jammed packed with great independent releases that had us all rolling down the windows and bumpin’ em. I am personally very excited about where KZUU is going with our hip-hop and expanding following. We have an extraordinary selection of hip-hop Djs(returners & new) that all have a superb taste in good music, but each one has their own particular style and roots they bring to their show. Below is a schedule all of our Hip-Hop Djs & their shows:


10-12pm: Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead, It’s Just Chillin Underground -DJ Collective

12-2am: The Mix- DJ Mather


10-12pm:Beats, Brains & Chow Mein – DJ Dane


12-2am:Rhymes & Rhythms – DJ Scapegoat


10-12pm: The B-Side – DJ B-Monz


8-10pm: World Premier Hip-Hop – DJ Ferrell

10-12pm: Late Night Drop – DJ Seventhsu

12-2pm: 22nd Century Hip-Hop – DJ Grover


5 out of 7 days a week you can turn on KZUU 90.7fm sometime from 8pm-2am and hear some great hiphop. KZUU is the place to listen for brand new music & there will be a hip-hop blog post each week so stay tuned for more info about whats being played & be on the look out for free projects and other goodies here!

Below are a few links to my favorite release/songs over the summer; Check ’em out & tune in to all the shows above!

SOL- Dear Friends Vol.III

Sam Lachow- ‘Gary Payton’ off “Brand New Bike”

Cecil Otter & Swiss Andy: Wugazi 13 Chambers: Fugazi & Wu-Tang

DL Free:here

-Bryce Poulin


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