Welcome to KZUU 2011-2012!

Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year at KZUU! We are stoked for our returning DJs to get back to their shows and for our new DJs to learn the ropes and begin their journey here. This is an exciting year for KZUU since we have so many new DJs (over 30!) and we have a lot of fun things planned over the course of the year.

To get things started on the blog this year, we asked everyone on management to write about their favorite song of the summer. Consider this your introduction to this year’s management team!

Andi (General Manager):

Gardens & Villa – “Black Hills”. I really connected with these guys when I went on tour this summer to the East Coast with my boyfriend’s band. They were stunning live, with the bamboo flutes and all. Gardens & Villas’ new self-titled album became the soundtrack to my crazy summer; always picking me up. If you haven’t heard this album it is currently located in the preview rack and I would HIGHLY suggest giving it a spin.

Josh (Program Director):

Yuck – “Milkshake”. I mean come on is this really a surprise that it would be my favorite song? Yuck already struck a chord last year for me with their post-modern revival sound on their debut, and this song featured on their new 7” adds the perfect summer flavor. Somewhere between the bent strings in that opening riff and the first uttering of “you’re making a milkshake of my mind,” I felt compelled to find my old high school hoodie, hop on a bike and ride around town at sunset.

Adam (Music Director):

The Bilinda Butchers – “Tulips”. Super hazy dream pop by a couple of teenagers who took their name from the famous My Bloody Valentine singer/guitarist. There’s something inherently “summer” about the repeating guitar sample and the washy, subdued synth chords and programmed drums.

Brennan (Assistant Music Director):

Sun Airway – “Wild Palms”. This is the only track that catered to my summer work depression. With glitchy orchestra pop and blissful vocals, it’s a track that made Pullman not so far away after all.

Kelsie (Assistant Music Director):

Balam Acab – “Oh, Why”. Beautiful sample-based music from this 20-year-old producer. Sounds of water and footsteps underneath pitch-shifted vocals set the tone for Balam Acab’s debut LP.

Bryce (Hip Hop Director):

Sam Lachow – “Brand New Bike”. The next big thing from Seattle, amazingly talented and definitely the front runner for best hip-hop albums of 2K11. Officially my anthem for the summer. All original live instument production, no samples were used. Turn this up and roll the windows down; it’s summertime.

Kyle (Assistant Hip Hop Director)

Monika (Loud Rock Director):

Nick 13 – “Carry My Body Down”. This is Nick 13’s self-titled album from Sugar Hill Records. It reminds me of one of my favorite Tiger Army songs “In The Orchard”. If you didn’t already know this, Nick 13 is the front man for Tiger Army. Tiger Army is one of the bands that made me love psychobilly. Listen to this track… it’s for everyone… it’s got a little bit of everything.

Thomas (Jazz Director)

Have an amazing Fall 2011 semester!

Kelsie & everyone on management

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