Clear Channel to Acquire KZUU

In the world of radio, it is hard to find a station that is like you: unique, fun, energetic, and reliable. How many times do you turn the dial only to find something you’ve never heard or something you don’t want to hear?

At Clear Channel, we understand this, and that is why today we are announcing that we have acquired KZUU 90.7 FM and and switching to an automated 24-hour Top 40 format. Market research has shown that only 41% of the current listenership in the Palouse is satisfied with the radio choices available to them, and it is with that in mind that we announce this merger.

No longer will listeners have to search endlessly to hear their favorite hits from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ’00s. By consolidating the station’s format, automating the process and purchasing music directly allocated from record labels, Clear Channel rovides you with freedom: the freedom to hear only your favorites, all the time, without having to scratch your head and wonder how long it will be until your next favorite song.

At this juncture in the time frame of KZUU, we have felt that the consumer market it targets can be continually expanded to reach more widespread, like-minded audiences.

This is really about choices. With this acquisition, KZUU joins 41 other member stations in the Pacific Northwest to provide the choices that you covet in your busy life, such as the choices of which songs you don’t want to hear and when to hear them. This is an achievement of people coming together in a unique business environment to re-establish something that benefits a community.

Join us in creating something new. From the commercials we play to the advertising revenue we generate, our passion for providing only the best service to our listeners will shine through. So please, forget everything you thought you knew about radio. Together, we can make KZUU something different as we move forward in time to a brighter tomorrow of our children’s future.

Sincerely striding into the future,

Clear Channel and its subsidiaries

3 thoughts on “Clear Channel to Acquire KZUU

  1. ‘This is really about choices’
    WHAT? This completely eliminates the small choice us as listeners have. Now what will it be… Top 40 orrrr Top 40?
    If 41% of the people in the Palouse are not satisfied with their choices then why don’t they aquire an unused radio station, or create a new one completely rather than converting one of the only radio stations that gives college students (a large section of the population) a voice.
    Not only does this radio station promote alternative music but also an alternative learning experience for students at WSU.
    I hope this is a joke.

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