Band of the Week: Wye Oak

Wye Oak is a band that has reinvented the boundaries of new age folk music with dense shoegaze guitars and anxious rhythms, and they make our slot as KZUU’s Band of the Week. Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack  are the masterminds behind Wye Oak’s lyrically inclined 3rd full length: Civilian. This album is a collection of songs that grab you at the most intimate moments and leave you emotionally invested in each track. It isn’t just any folkie blog band, it is one that has managed to stand out within a crowded indie rock genre. Their sound is untouchable and hard to replicate, and with each brooding track you feel as if Jenn Wasner is singing directly to you, leaving the listener emotionally exhausted.

Wye Oak has developed throughout the years, getting better and better with each collection of songs they release. But this new album feels more sincere and holds on strong ground within it’s genre, whereas other bands crumble. This is evident when you listen to tracks such as the title track “Civilian” as well as other standouts “Holy Holy” and “Plains”. These tracks are great places to start when you first pop Wye Oak’s “Civilian” in your laptop. Give it a chance, roll down your blinds, and let the album sink in. Trust me… you’re in for an emotional listen.


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