Band of the Week: Yuck

Fat Possum’s Yuck are consistently all over the place. Since the band’s formation in 2009, they’ve been touring and playing shows with all sorts of bands – Modest Mouse, Teenage Fanclub, and now label-mates Smith Westerns. The four (sometimes five) members of the band aren’t even from the same part of the world; they claim residence in London, Hiroshima, and New Jersey.

It’s sort of a miracle the band had time to record an album. The self-recorded debut album Yuck was finally released this week after months of buzz. Although clearly influenced by alternative indie bands of the 90s, Yuck’s sound is their own: melodic, guitar-driven lo-fi. The first track, “Get Away”, starts things off on a more upbeat note which continues for most of the album.

Songs like “Shook Down” and “Suck” take the tempo down a notch; while not quite being ballads (see side project Yu(c)k), these songs retain a softer edge. Other highlights include single “Suicide Policeman” and the epic closer, “Rubber”. Definitely give these guys a listen. You’ll be hearing a lot about them.


2 thoughts on “Band of the Week: Yuck

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