Advertise Your Show

Sup fellow disc jockeys!

What would you say if I told you your show, time slot and DJ name could be proudly displayed on the fine 20-32 inch flat screen TV’s in the Compton Union Building?

Well it can happen.  Management is encouraging YOU to make digital signage for us to submit to CUB marketing so they can use it. In the bland rotation of ASWSU’s recent promotion and those meeting schedules that no one reads, you can finally add flavor and life to the CUB’s promotion machines.

Here’s what you have to do:

Make an ad for your show using Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Photoshop. Your ad should include your DJ name, your show name, the show time and KZUU’s web and radio address ( and 90.7fm). Have some fun and be creative with it!

The ad must also follow these guidelines:

  • Size: 1047×690 pixels
  • 72 dpi

You can download templates from WSU for both Adobe and Powerpoint which have been formatted to these dimensions.

Once your ad is complete submit it to me at as a jpeg file. I’ll then submit it to the CUB, and we’re done!

Just think, that guy/girl you’re interested in will see it and be like, “Oh hey! I didn’t know you did a radio show.”
And you’ll say “Yeah, [insert name], I totally do. By the way, we should get coffee or taco bell together sometime.”

So there you have it, submit digital signage for your show and you’ll get a date.




One thought on “Advertise Your Show

  1. Sweet! This is an awesome idea. Just have one tiny question, I have an older version of photoshop 7.0, is it alright to use or do they want the latest and greatest? Thanks!

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