Band of the Week: Girls

Girls have a history with KZUU. Last year, their debut album, Album, was one of the most played albums by our glorious DJs. At the end of the year, the management chose the song “Lust for Life” as their #1 song of the year, despite it never being played over the airwaves. Album was critically acclaimed both for its songwriting and retro style, so expectations have been high for a follow-up. Christopher Owens, the man behind the band, has been previewing new songs like “Lysandre” and “Oh My Love” live over the past year, which have only excited fans even more for their sophomore effort.

While Broken Dreams Club carries the “EP” behind it, don’t be fooled. At 30 minutes long, this feels more like a short album than a long EP, and it progresses quite the same. Album opener “Thee Oh So Protective One” is a horn-driven doo-wop ballad, recalling many of the same themes heard throughout Album. “Heartbreaker” is the most single-worth of all these tracks, with Owen’s vocals shining high above the jangling tambourine and phased guitar. “Broken Dreams Club” and “Substance” make use of a steel guitar to give a country twang to the EP’s midsection. Album closer “Carolina” is one of the best of the year, featuring more steel guitar and Owen’s voice reverbed to Yarn Owl-ish heights. “I’m gonna pick you up baby / Throw you over my shoulder / Take you away / I’m gonna carry you home to Carolina” he pleads in the chorus, before breaking down into an infectious, fuzzed-out guitar outro to close the album.

As far as EPs go, this is one of the more solid ones you’ll hear all year. Fans of their debut can still enjoy this without feeling like the band is going in a completely different direction, and newbies to Girls won’t be scared away. Check out Broken Dreams Club in the preview rack when you get back from break!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, hope you all have a safe drive home!

– Adam

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