To All My Friends…

Slug & Ant of Atmosphere

When it comes to independent hip-hop, look no further than Slug and Ant of the Minneapolis, Minnesota, group Atmosphere.

Currently celebrating their 7 year anniversary of the release of their 3rd studio album Seven’s Travels, as well as their recent release of the dual EP’s, To All My Friends & Blood Makes the Blade Holy, Atmosphere set out once again on a country-wide tour. This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Atmosphere live for the third time, this one in Spokane, WA at the Knitting Factory. Once again, the combination of Slug’s incredible storytelling lyrics, complemented by the live-instrumented beats of Ant proved to be the epitome of true hip-hop. Slug’s stage presence is absolutely remarkable and truly something I wish everyone could witness. Atmosphere provides an exceptional blend of energetic tunes and always keeps the audience on their toes with their colorful “live” variations of songs. You may believe you have seen a great hip-hop show, though Atmosphere takes it to another level. You cannot leave one of their shows without feeing a true connection to the music, and the knowledge of what real music Slug and Ant have created.

Fellow Rhymesayers Entertainment artists, Grieves & Budo and Blueprint, are also accompanying Atmosphere on the current ‘To All My Friends’ Tour. Below is a brand new track off To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blood Holy: The Atmosphere EPs called, “The Best Day”, and also download link to the song “Freefallin’”, a single from the EPs and courtesy of Rhymesayers Ent. Thanks and enjoy.

“Freefallin'” by Atmosphere.

Get MP3 (6 MB | 4:10 min)

-bryce poulin.

Kzuu 90.7fm

4 thoughts on “To All My Friends…

  1. Slug is so flipping sexy. I spent all of my senior year of high school listening to Sad Clown. It’s embarrassing how much I thought I related to “Sunshine” when I had never experienced the beauty of the bright sky during a hangover.

    Okay I’m going to listen to some more alt-country.

    gossip girl

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