What’s New @ KZUU – 9/17/10

Hey DJs, hope classes are going good for you all. I’ve been listening to your shows and I’ve been very impressed with the good work. Keep it up!

We’ve got some great new albums in the studio this week, please play them! Charts from this week will be up on Monday, so keep an eye out.

New Adds – 9/13-9/17
Click on the album for a review and some song previews.

#3 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Let It Sway
#14 Electric Sunset – Electric Sunset
#29 Jesca Hoop – Hunting My Dress
#36 Doug Burr – O Ye Devestator
#37 Young Man – Boy
#38 Best Coast – Crazy For You
#57 Cloud Nothings – Turning On / Didn’t You 7″
#78 Soft Cat – Wildspace
#95 Jenny and Johnny – I’m Having Fun Now
#106 The Thermals – Personal Life
#116 S. Carey – All We Grow
#206 Philip Selway – Familial
#210 Carl Broemel – All Birds Say

Thanks for reading guys, I’ll see you around the studio!


We’ll also be updating the “Current Rotation” page ASAP. Current Rotation is updated! Thanks for being so patient, guys!

3 thoughts on “What’s New @ KZUU – 9/17/10

  1. ALSO, I’m bringing in the HOSANNAS cd from the Finn Riggins show. Just need to run through it for FCC stuff a couple more times. Can’t wait for everyone to start spinning it!

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