Welcome to KZUU 2010!

KZUU 2010

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2010-2011 year of KZUU! If you remember from the first all-station meeting, Chelan said this was going to be the best year of KZUU ever. I can back her up and say that I agree, we have a very ambitious management team with some great ideas to implement over the year. Our main focus this year is to expand our presence in the Pullman community. We want to gain more listeners, have more people aware of the station, and we want people to want to work with us to support each other. We like to think we’re a valuable resource to the community, and we’re hoping that we can convince everyone the same thing!

Alright, I won’t bore you all with more of our mushy philosophies. Usually on this blog you will see write-ups from our various staff members. On Mondays we will be posting the KZUU Top 30, which are determined by DJ preview rack plays. Every list will be accompanied by a short paragraph about the #1 band. These are really exciting, so you should be excited. On Fridays we will be doing a post titled What’s New @ KZUU! This is basically a rundown of what new albums will be added to the preview rack, as well as the albums we will be taking out of the preview rack. The rest of the week will feature anything from album reviews to post-concert write-ups (Japandroids this weekend!) from any of our managers. We encourage anyone and everyone to comment on the posts and leave feedback.

I mentioned at the meeting how important I consider certain websites to be when it comes to your success as a DJ. For those with short attention spans, or those who hate taking notes (this kid), these websites are http://www.last.fm and http://www.tumblr.com. Downloading last.fm’s client allows you to keep a log of all the music you listen to on your computer and iPod. With this information, it compiles charts of your music habits, and reccomends you new music based on this. It’s user-driven, so if you listen to an artist that no one has ever listened to before, it will automatically create a page for this artist. It also keeps track of concerts coming to the Palouse as well as your hometown. I really think everyone should have a last.fm account, I’ve discovered hundreds of bands through them and I consider it my DJ Swiss Army knife.

Tumblr is basically a blog aggregate that lets you “follow” blogs in a Twitter-style form. Many of the users on Tumblr run music-centered blogs that post free mp3s and albums by unknown acts. Pitchfork essentially scours music blogs like those found on Tumblr, picking and choosing what they think is good. So if you want to get ahead in the game, get a Tumblr too!

Here are links to some of our staff & DJ’s accounts. Feel free to stalk, and add them as friends/followers/etc.

Chelan (General Manager AKA the Boss):

Andi (Program Director):

Josh (Promotions Director):

Rachel (Music Director):

Brennan (Assistant Music Director):

Adam (Assistant Music Director):

Bryce (Hip-Hop Director):

Evan (Former Music Director):

I’m sure I forgot someone important, I tend to do that. But that should fulfill all of your stalking needs for a sufficient amount of time.

Over the next week or two, as I figure out how to use WordPress, I’ll be changing parts of the blog and adding more links to the sidebar. Also, much to Evan’s chagrin, I’ll probably roll out a new blog theme. I mean, hey, it is a new year after all.

Keep your eyes peeled here for more updates in the near future, and welcome to a new year of KZUU!

-Adam & the MGMT

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