Pants… James Pants

KZUU blog content is like Gucci Mane mixtapes of late: can’t stop, won’t stop.

The Inland Norwest’s high priest of DIY oddball electro rompers is back, back, back on the scene, fresh off the heels of his satanic “cult soundtrack” Seven Seals. The ex-Spokanite recently relocated to Denver for reasons that I presume begin and end with the Mile High City’s legal-weed-up-to-an-ounce policy and the opportunity to frequent Carmelo Anthony’s Studio 15 Barbershop.

Stones Throw podcasts remain winning; “New Pants” is a diverse half-hour of  trance-y electro, lo-fi rock, thrift-store break beats, and overall goofing.  It’s hard to dislike a remix of Three Six Mafia’s “Stay Fly” that sounds like soundtrack music to Kirby’s Dream Land… “purple p-purple p-purple.”

James Pants – New Pants free podcast mp3

Track List:
01. Drug Rooom
02. Three-6 Mafia – Stay Fly (JP Remix)
03. Clouds Over The Pacific
04. Too Much Time
05. The Eyes of The Lord
06. She Out Of My Life (dub)
07. Strange Girl
08. This Crazy Sound
09. Not Me
10. Prologue To a Ritual
11. Driftwood
12. Radio Love Me
13. A Special Kiss
14. Space Date


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