KZUU Top 30 — 4/26

That’s the Caribou bro outdoors somewhere. Yes, the new Dan Snaith album is quite good, in fact good enough to be this week’s #1, but I’d like to take this opportunity to comment on some other chart goings-on that I have noticed. First of all, Yesayer is #7, which raises the following question: “those guys  are still alive?” Good god it seems like that album came out (for Emma) forever ago. Same with Phantogram at #6. Glad to see Hot Chip is finally out of the Top 30 though. Those guys need to give it a rest. It’s also really cool that Free Energy is in the Top 10. I love this band, and yes I realize they are just a glorified OK Go, but whatevs, I love their energy (who knew?).

We’ll only do charts once more this semester, so please enjoy my sardonic commentary while it lasts.

  1. CARIBOU — Swim
  2. DR. DOG — Shame, Shame
  3. SHE AND HIM — Volume Two
  4. HORSE FEATHERS — Thistled Spring
  5. JOSIAH WOLF — Jet Lag
  6. PHANTOGRAM — Eyelid Movies
  7. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  8. SURFER BLOOD — Astro Coast
  9. FREE ENERGY — Stuck on Nothing
  10. AVI BUFFALO — Avi Buffalo
  11. THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH — The Wild Hunt
  12. DUM DUM GIRLS — I Will Be
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY — Happy Birthday
  14. BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB — Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
  15. JOEY RYAN AND THE INKS — Well, Here We Are Then
  17. DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS — The Big To-Do
  18. BLACK TAMBOURINE — Black Tambourine
  19. HARLEM — Hippies
  20. MUMFORD AND SONS — Sigh No More
  21. ROGUE WAVE — Permalight
  22. THE STRANGE BOYS — Be Brave
  23. YUKON BLONDE — Yukon Blonde
  24. FANG ISLAND — Fang Island
  25. THE BESNARD LAKES — Are the Roaring Night
  26. GOLDFRAPP — Head First
  27. MARK SULTAN — $
  28. COCK AND SWAN — Unrecognized
  29. SHEARWATER — The Golden Archipelago
  30. FREELANCE WHALES — Weathervanes


2 thoughts on “KZUU Top 30 — 4/26

  1. freelance whales is everyones guilty pleasure, i am just the only one to admit my love for them and the 2003 indie pop era

    • Thank you for that, Brennan aka World’s #1 hellogoodbye fan.

      “Visit you at Baskin Robbins all the time, to let you know that I am yours and you are mine.”

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