Album Review: Dosh, Tommy, a KZUU “MUST PLAY”

Apparently this is Martin Dosh’s 5th album for Anticon. Who knew? Not KZUU, not yet.

Dosh has been collaborating, recording and touring with the great Andrew Bird since 2005. Word on the street is Bird used one of Dosh’s earlier albums as a rhythmic backbone for 2009’s Noble Beast. This album is heavy on both drums and vocals, but avoids leaving you confused. Tommy jumps right into noise with the opening track “Subtractions”, but slows down with the next–just follow that trippy pattern for the rest of the album. The album is dedicated to his deceased friend, Tommy, but Dosh doesn’t let that bring him down. Dosh even gets a little funky on “Town Mouse”.

The guy is talented and does well at showing it with Tommy. It is expansive, rhythmic and full of vibrant sound. People are tagging this album as electronic while I would just say it is beautiful.

Check out the songs “Airlift”, “Country Road X”, “Never Met” ft Andrew Bird and “Number 41” ft Andrew Bird.

Not only are you absolutely required to listen to this album, but you also must watch the video for Airlift.



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