Review: Horse Feathers, Thistled Spring

The notion that Spring is a time of rebirth often disregards things have died–Thistled Spring can’t forget this though. “Damned the winter…waiting for softer times”. The new album by Horse Feathers starts off quietly and makes your heart swell. Does anyone else feel like frontman Justin Ringle’s voice puts you at peace? It seems Ringle is inspired by the seasons, the last Horse Feathers album A House with No Home being a colder, winter album.

The album gets progressively warmer from the opening track “Thistled Spring” to “Veronica Blues”, something distinctly more Americana. Thistled Spring won’t be a surprise–it’s still beautiful, full of strings and arranged perfectly. Ringle’s voice still compels you to think about your last love with a new set of spectacles.

My favorites are “Cascades” and “Heaven’s No Place”. Maybe it is because I like the sad/pretty Horse Feathers songs. “Kiss on the mouth with hearts that will bend and cave/the noose was broke, the witness was the cascade” (Note: 89% sure the lyrics aren’t quite right here. On the 1,000,000th listen I’ll come back and change these). The percussion gradually grows on “Cascades”; it pulls my heart strings every time.

Please don’t glance over this one; I wouldn’t want you to miss the point. Spring doesn’t take a few minutes to understand, neither does heartbreak.

See Horse Feathers in Spokane this Saturday, April 17th. Only $9.

Hear it first on the KZUU airwaves and pre-order the album online here.

**Author’s note: Justin Ringle is from Idaho.

Your Idahoan reviewer,


2 thoughts on “Review: Horse Feathers, Thistled Spring

  1. “The notion that Spring is a time of rebirth often disregards things have died…”

    It’s true, spring is a bittersweet season. Even so, the weather is nice now, and as they say, “God bless the sundress…”


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