KZUU merch once more!

Don't you want to look just like this Am Appy model?

The school year is making its end. We don’t want to see you leave without a pretty KZUU tshirt. You’ve got about one week to order hoodies and shirts for your friends, family or own closet. Think about all those birthdays you missed! Or maybe just get a bunch for the birthdays you are sure to miss coming up this next year.

(Wouldn’t it be nice to be wearing your shirt at Sasquatch this summer and see a fellow KZUU kid wearing the same one? And then you can say “go KZUU!” kinda like the “go cougs” thing when you see a perfect stranger wearing a WSU hat in the middle of nowhere. What a LOVELY notion!)

Click here!

Hope you are all having a great semester!

Lots of “xoxo”s,

P.S. I hope you all order lots and enjoy showing people that good music REALLY doesn’t play itself. I’ve been thinking how the best year of KZUU is coming to an end and I really appreciate everyone’s hard work this past year. Don’t leave over the summer! Stay and get a summer show (summer applications are open to everyone and available outside the office, CUB 303–due on April 29th).

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