Introducing: Live

Hey guys, I just discovered a really cool new band so I thought I would share them with you! They’re called Live and they’re really good. I don’t know how I haven’t heard of them before, they seem like they should be really popular because their music has good songwriting and the singer has a good voice.

The singer’s name is Ed Kowalski (or something like that, I’m so bad at spelling) and he’s probably the best member of the band because he writes the lyrics, which I think are pretty good. Like in Lightning Crashes he talks about how a mother cries when there is lightning, and he also says the word placenta which I just looked up and it’s sort of gross. It’s like a part of a baby when the baby is still inside the mom’s stomach. Don’t make me barf, Ed! But the song is good because it talks about childbirth which in my opinion is one of the most important parts of the process of being born.

It’s just really interesting to me how Live makes such good songs and how come other bands aren’t as good as Live. Their sound is so different, they don’t just play the same cookie cutter songs that everyone else does, they are really creative and have a good way of making you feel sad but also happy because the songs are fun to listen to. I wish all bands had this much talent.

I like in the picture above that they’re by an exit door because it’s like they are exiting from bad music and going to great music, or that the bad music is outside the door and all the good bands are on the inside.

Really though, Live is so good and I wonder if they’re going to break out of the underground and start to get picked up by mainstream MTV next. I think it would be cool if they stayed underground and only true music fans knew about them because that would show that we know more than the people who just listen to stupid bands like All 4 One. I am so sick of that I Swear song! Alright guys, good talking to you and check out this sweet band before they get super huge!


8 thoughts on “Introducing: Live

  1. Whoops, awh f*ck… you got me. Time for me to go crawl into a hole of Saban Bajramovic and Gogol Bordello for the next week and avoid human contact at the radio. >_>

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