Final Spins: you spin me right round…

This is the fifth installment in our _____-part series profiling artists playing the Birds on a Wire Festival in Pullman March 26-27.Visit or for tickets and more information.

Final Spins play at 10:00 PM on Saturday, March 27 at the Gladish Gym.

The band Final Spins was first brought to my attention sometime last year when my band, (Yarn Owl) went to Seattle to play a show. We stayed with Chris Early who plays keys for the band and also engineered their full-length album, This Is Then/That Was Now, and the EP, City Of… (not to mention Yarn Owl too). Early was an original Band of Horses member and so the production on the recordings does have its BOH moments. I remember seeing a stack of shrink-wrapped Final Spins CDs sitting on his speaker and he handed some over to Tim and I.

During my first week with the music I was immediately hooked with the lead in track on the full length, “Battle Wings”. It’s a beautiful, echoey and haunting song played on a ukulele. Front man Joe Syverson (who used to play bass in Throw Me the Statue) sings with a deep and rich voice that is only made more mellifluous and beautiful with the vocal assistance of Pearly Gate Music front man Zach Tillman (yes, he is related to J.). More representative of the band’s repertoire, however are songs like, “Used to”. It’s a big rock and roll track full of “oohs”, handclaps, a searing lead guitar and a bunch of other rock and rolly things that are way cooler to hear than to read about.

Here is the group:

On the far left is Joe. Joe is rad. Tim calls him “Joe the Giant” because of his towering height. We stayed at Joe’s house once too and ate the most delicious pancakes I have ever experienced. Then his dad came over and we jammed. I wish I had a picture of that. Brown shirt fellow is drummer Colin English. He also plays drums in the Hardly Art band Pica Beats. So we got Band of Horses, Throw Me the Statue, Pearly Gate Music, Pica Beats….all in one super fantastic band. I’m gonna have to go ahead and call this a Super-group.

I was delighted and proud of the guys last summer when they went in for a KEXP live in-studio performance. Here is that:

Soooo…I will see you Saturday, 10 o’clock at the Gladish Gym [edit: directly following a performance by Yarn Owl!] and we can gawk at the group’s wonderful talent and brilliant songwriting together.


Javier Suarez

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