Canine/lunar birds: The Moondoggies

This is the second installment in our _____-part series profiling artists playing the Birds on a Wire Festival in Pullman March 26-27.Visit or for tickets and more information.

The Moondoggies play at 11:00 PM on Friday, March 26 at the Gladish Auditorium.

Not all bands can have great names. Personally, I find the Moondoggies’ name to be silly and awkward to say, but that complaint is ultimately meaningless in the face of their music. This Seattle quartet blends classic rock, Southern psychedelic rock, indie, and folk, yet still sound incredibly fresh. The grooves are crunchy and earthy, making you simultaneously want to bob your head, tap your feet, and shake your tail feather in a large wooded area.

2008’s Don’t Be a Stranger is simply a fantastic collection of down-home rock and roll, American through and through. Their set is guaranteed to annihilate the Palouse. Can’t wait.


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