KZUU Top 30 — 3/8

This is actually a bit of a surprise. Real Estate‘s self-titled debut came out in November, but it’s just now significantly impacting the KZUU charts. Ordinarily, a spike in airplay at the station means the band played a show in the Palouse recently. We’ve seen the phenomenon with Neon Indian and Finn Riggins (two occurrences is enough to be considered a trend, right?). This week, The Holiday Friends made their chart debut after playing at the Nuart with Yarn Owl and Headlights.

But back to Real Estate. I was very mehhh on this album when I first heard it. It took almost two months for me to revisit it and understand why it’s amazing. The guitar work is intricate and gorgeous and the hooks are infectious. They’re from New Jersey, but the songs sound like they were written and performed on the beach, which makes no sense. Yes, I realize New Jersey technically has beaches, but I think that’s just because nobody has ever come up with another name for an area covered in 10% sand, 25% hypodermic needles, 30% used condoms and 35% discarded tracksuits (large Italian-American/Cosa Nostra population in NJ). New Jersey’s a shit hole. Am I right or am I right?? Hell yeah!

So yeah, Real Estate is awesome. Why did it take so long for them to reach #1, especially when the similar, but lesser Surfer Blood has released their debut album more recently? These are the mysteries of KZUU airplay that even your Music Director cannot solve.

  1. REAL ESTATE — Real Estate
  2. GIRLFRIENDS — Girlfriends
  3. ROGUE WAVE — Permalight
  5. SURFER BLOOD — Astro Coast
  6. FAMILY OF THE YEAR — Songbook
  7. TEGAN AND SARA — Sainthood
  8. BEACH HOUSE — Teen Dream
  9. LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION — Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You
  10. LOS CAMPESINOS! — Romance Is Boring
  12. BOY EATS DRUM MACHINE — Hoop + Wire
  13. THE HOLIDAY FRIENDS — Neon Persuasion
  14. LAURA VEIRS — July Flame
  15. PAST LIVES — Tapestry of Webs
  16. YUKON BLONDE — Yukon Blonde
  17. FANG ISLAND — Fang Island
  18. SHEARWATER — The Golden Archipelago
  19. TORO Y MOI — Causers of This
  20. ASOBI SEKSU — Rewolf
  21. DIGITS — Hold It Close
  22. THE SOFT PACK — The Soft Pack
  23. BUFFALO DEATH BEAM — The Extended Play
  25. XIU XIU — Dear God, I Hate Myself
  26. EELS — End Times
  27. THE BROTHERS COMATOSE — Songs from the Stoop
  28. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  29. QUASI — American Gong
  30. PIERCED ARROWS — Descending Shadows


12 thoughts on “KZUU Top 30 — 3/8

  1. 2-4 In Indie right now I reviewed. It seems like whatever is within arms reach or has a colorful cd spine gets played. Adventurous awesome dj’s look on the sides of the racks or just have knowledge of what’s hip and play “filthy cuts.” New Rogue Wave is awesome as is Past Lives. Girlfriends!

  2. Rack numbers. There has to be some correlation between rack number and chart number. Things written about get more plays also. Are lower numbers more alt? What’s ur fav album. lulz.

    • Rack numbers, okay? You’ve reviewed more than just those. Why single out only three?

      Highly unlikely that there’s any connection between the rack numbers and how they chart.

  3. Re: This entire thread… “These are the mysteries of KZUU airplay that even your Music Director cannot solve.”

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