Our first bird on a wire: Sera Cahoone

This is the first installment in our _____-part series profiling artists playing the Birds on a Wire Festival in Pullman March 26-27.Visit http://www.birdsonawirefest.com or http://www.stereopathicmusic.com for tickets and more information.

Sera Cahoone plays at 3:00 PM on Saturday, March 27 at the Gladish Auditorium.

The resume for the lovely Sera Cahoone includes a couple Seattle legends you may have heard of. Carissa’s Wierd? Band of Horses? She played drums for CW full-time and on a few songs on BoH’s first record. Now, she plays lovely country-folk. She sports an authentic Western croon to accompany her sad, gorgeous compositions. Still don’t think she’s legit? Then just ask Sub Pop, who released her 2008 album, Only as the day Is Long.

That’s her above, enjoying a Bud at what I’d like to believe is Safeco Field. She’s from Seattle, after all.


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