KZUU Top 30 — 3/1

I heard your voice and it sounded clear and strong. You were mine, you were special and I treasured every second we spent together. It was something I was proud of. You were someone I was proud of.

Then the word got out, and I think I felt a little betrayed. Here was a good thing, a personal thing, suddenly out in the open for the whole world to see. So I backed off. Told myself and everyone else that it never was as good as before. That in a matter of time, it would slip from my mind. But it didn’t. Nobody could forget what it was like that first time hearing a black and white horse arching among us. Nothing can or ever will wither your fair, porcelain allure.

I’m sorry, Victoria. I offer you my heart once again. Will you forgive me?

  1. BEACH HOUSE — Teen Dream
  2. PHANTOGRAM — Eyelid Movies
  3. TORO Y MOI — Causers of This
  4. SURFER BLOOD — Astro Coast
  5. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  7. REAL ESTATE — Real Estate
  8. LOS CAMPESINOS! — Romance Is Boring
  9. SUNSET — Gold Dissolves to Grey
  10. LOCAL NATIVES — Gorilla Manor
  12. TEGAN AND SARA — Sainthood
  13. YUKON BLONDE — Yukon Blonde
  14. SHEARWATER — The Golden Archipelago
  15. EL PERRO DEL MAR — Love Is Not Pop
  16. FAMILY OF THE YEAR — Songbook
  18. MIDLAKE — The Courage of Others
  19. THE SOFT PACK — The Soft Pack
  20. HOT CHIP — One Life Stand
  21. XIU XIU — Dear God, I Hate Myself
  22. FINN RIGGINS — Vs. Wilderness
  23. PAST LIVES — Tapestry of Webs
  24. QUASI — American Gong
  25. MASSIVE ATTACK — Heligoland
  26. NANA GRIZOL — Ruth
  27. BOAT — Setting the Paces
  28. LAURA VEIRS — July Flame
  29. EELS — End Times
  30. DIGITS — Hold It Close

3 thoughts on “KZUU Top 30 — 3/1

  1. Nice to see Tegan and Sara back. Excited to see Past Lives on the top 30!
    Jordan’s voice is amazing on Tapestry of Webs.

  2. beach house? who are they and why are they dominating the charts? god i cant wait for the new jason derulo album thats real music

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