Girlfriends- “Girlfriends”

Jerry Joiner

What do you mean you haven’t heard about Girlfriends bruh? It’s a one man dance party by the man Jerry Joiner. He’s also been In musical projects such as Allen Jiverson, Saffron City, The Matador Room, and Sea is for synthia to name a few. The guy has talent and his inexhaustible brilliance shines through his newest project.

All songs consist of Jerry laying down some awesome guitar and looping, layering that with the addition of some infectiously catchy rhythms on his drum kit and shouted vocals for good measure. Jerry will occasionally throw in some synth or on songs such as New Computers forgo the vocals all together.

What I love about the album is that every song has its own space and identity. The loops never sound repetitive, and while great are really made into such catchy songs through Jerry’s amazing drumming. Guest gang vocals by some of Jerry’s close friends on the albums add a nice complement to the unyielding bombardment of Jerry’s drum kit.

Recorded In the summer of 2009 In Moscow, Idaho Jerry released two albums. One self-titled and the other titled simply as Girlfriends (Reverse) with the same songs played backwards and with several bits redone for a completely different experience. You can pick them up and graciously donate if you feel the need at his bandcamp site.

Check out this early demo of one of my favorite songs of the album titled New Computers.


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