video vednesday

It sort of sounds like the soundtrack to a Final Fantasy game with Dio on vocals. In other words, its EPIC shit y’all.  But where lesser musicians would come off as corny, Shearwater sound confident. Their new one The Gold Archipelago is full of dragonslaying power. They are coming to Pullman in April so sharpen your swords KZUU.

Nosaj doing it as we’ve come to expect. Stellar.

From what is likely the finest hip-hop album to come along so far this year, The Stimulus Package. Jake One keeps true-school soul-sampling fresh and it is exciting to listen to Freeway switch up his flows with a craft lost on most rappers today.

2 thoughts on “video vednesday

  1. no doubt the stimulus pack is one of the fullest albums i’ve heard in a while and for sure #1 of ’10 by far

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