Headlights + Yarn Owl + The Holiday Friends = next Saturday night

Yello Friends Who Like Great Music,

Stereopathic is bringing another great band to the Palouse! Can I get a whoop-whoop?!

Headlights make pretty music. And we all like that. Imagine sitting outside on your mom’s front lawn with a stereo listening to tunes that make the world spin around you. Your foot will suddenly tap along and your head from side to side. Imagine running your hand over aisles and aisles of lace fabric. Or spinning circles in in a park while wearing your mother’s hand-me-down daydress. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you now?

Check out the Daytrotter Session. They go into even more detail about the dreamy-pretty-pop Headlights will be bringing to the stage next Saturday, February 27th. Do you need even more of a reason to come hang out with the KZUU kids next Saturday? Okay fine I’ll convince you with the fact that Yarn Owl and The Holiday Friends are opening. The Holiday Friends…remember those adorable boys that opened for Finn Riggins? Really adorable. Someone get me a date. And ya’ll know YO. Javier, Ted, Tim and Tyler. We know them.

DJs: tell your homies about this show. It’s going to be great. Listen to the songs Telephones and Secrets. I would be surprised if this album didn’t make next weeks Top 30. Find it in Staff Picks.

On an endearing note: I love you all. Thanks for listening to KZUU and holding our hands through our growing up process.



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