KZUU Top 30 — 2/8

The Finn Riggins show at the Bell Tower last Friday was a success. I missed all but one song by openers Nonie and the Static. I enjoyed Nonie, yet didn’t care for the Static (just kidding, the whole band was great, I just wish I could have seen more). The crowd seemed to enjoy some of the catchy harmonies of Moscow’s Holiday Friends, who come off as the offspring of Fleet Foxes and Animal Collective. FR played last, to an energetic, moshing crowd. Not everyone joined in on the rocking though, and I’m sure more than a few came out with some bumps and bruises. In all though, KZUU fully supports FR, and was glad to have them in Pullman. Let’s hope these friends of the station come back sooner rather than later.

  1. FINN RIGGINS — Vs. Wilderness
  2. YEASAYER — Odd Blood
  3. LOCAL NATIVES — Gorilla Manor
  4. LOS CAMPESINOS! — Romance Is Boring
  5. HOT CHIP — One Life Stand
  6. U.S.E. — Loveworld
  7. JACE EVERETT — Red Revelations
  8. BEACH HOUSE — Teen Dream
  9. THAO WITH THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN — Know Better Learn Faster
  11. REAL ESTATE — Real Estate
  13. THE HOLIDAY FRIENDS — Neon Persuasion
  14. NEON INDIAN — Psychic Chasms
  16. SUNSET — Gold Dissolves to Gray
  17. EELS — End Times
  18. IMAAD WASIF — The Voidist
  19. FREE ENERGY — Free Energy EP
  20. SMILE BRIGADE — Eering, Creaky EP
  21. NANA GRIZOL — Ruth
  22. ASOBI SEKSU — Rewolf
  23. GIRLFRIENDS — Girlfriends
  24. DEVENDRA BANHART — What Will We Be
  25. FAMILY OF THE YEAR — Songbook
  26. YARN OWL — Stay Warm EP
  27. TORO Y MOI — Causers of This
  28. VITALIC — Flashmob
  29. VARIOUS ARTISTS — Daptone Gold
  30. MIDLAKE — The Courage of Others


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