Yoni and Josiah Wolf/WHY? interview

Anticipation was pumping through my veins for weeks leading up to the Yoni/Josiah Wolf interview. WHY? is my favorite band of the moment. Why, you ask? Between the lyrics and intriguing instrumental arrangements, it is like a Siren call for me. Apparently the Sirens got me in the end because I was too excited and maybe a bit nervous about the whole event. I ended up freaking out the night before, calling a friend in another state for more questions, being unable to sleep, etc. Mr. Javier Suarez was there by my side for the interview and if you ask him I was pretty embarrassed and flustered over the technical complications we had with the phone lines. I think it set the tone of the interview to where all sides of the phone call were a bit annoyed. It took a (long) while to get rolling, but once we did I got a glance into the rather curious mind of Yoni Wolf. I’m still unsure about how I feel about it. (Insider Note: There has been recent speculation of the degree of truth in answers.) I know it could have gone worse, but I also know this was probably the only opportunity I would have to talk with the genius behind WHY?

As the sensitive-type Love Guru, I want to encourage every DJ to seek out bands they love/admire because it is worth asking the questions you’ve wanted answered for years. And if they aren’t available to talk via phone, conduct an email interview and post it here on the blog. Getting inside the minds of our favorite musicians doesn’t happen every day, and neither does hearing your favorite artists voice saying “fucking” over the FCC regulated airwaves. Cringe.

I’ve decided to post this for all to hear/benefit from/speculate on/enjoy.

(still giving) hugs and kisses,


Listen to the interview on KZUU’s podomatic page:


P.S. Also, if you are one of those idiots who has never listened to WHY? click here so you can stop being so uneducated.

P.S.S. Buy Josiah Wolf’s Jet Lag album when it comes out on March 2nd, 2010.


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